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europound, 17 декабря 2014:
europound, 1 декабря 2014:
Photos are here https://imageshack.com/a/QvOz/1
Please let me know your skype + whatsapp/viber phone number for further communications
My viber/whatsapp is +34 693 10 11 53 and +44 74 13 11 11 56
Email donor@europoundai.org
White/Asian from Estonia.
Born on 23rd October 1980.
63+ Million swimmers per ml
178 cm height. 78 Kg. Average build. B+ Blood Type.
Good eyesight. No genetic problems in my family.
4 Years University dropout + IT college + high school 12 classes.
IT freelance, programmer, sys admin, independent, and do not like 9-5 jobs.
Adventurous, like extreme sports, karting, sky diving, scuba diving, paintball, Sierra Nevada skiing, slingshots, Thorpe Park, you name it
Speak English, Estonian, Spanish and native Russian.
Want to become a donor and can travel or
Can invite you to Spain for ~3 days before and during ovulation.
Have two-bedroom large apartment near sea view in resort areas of Costa Del Sol, Benalmadena Costa
Will refund or pay for your travel expenses if necessary
Done tests sperm tests - very good, high concentration and high quality product.
Taking all necessary vitamins and food supplements to boost my sperm to the highest standards possible ?
Will show certificate of sperm analysis or could see scan online
Done tests STI & STD - all clean.
In year 2012 October vaccinations Hep A, Hep B for trip to Asia China, HK, Thailand, Singapore
Can do rapid tests for both of us for STI & STD on the spot 10 minutes max to wait for results.
Artificial insemination preferred
My father made 3 boys :)
My brother created 2 boys mixed race with Jamaican girl
So I have a slight suspicion I would be having boys too... =)

The result References
Unit Iepr.rezult. / Date
1 / § 2 of semen analysis. -
Sperm like Norma
liquefaction Norma
consistency Norma
Sperm quantity of 2.5 1.5 ml
pH 7.8 7.2
Sperm motility (A + B 32%)
A fast-moving,
a straight line 27%
B-moving slowly
or an arc 21%
C-moving, do not move 14%
D-stationary 38%
Sperm agglutination 0 0%
Live sperm 58% (determined if 90% immobile)
63 sperm concentration 15 million / ml
Round cells 1.2 4%
pathology 91
pathological forms
Head defect 80
Neck defect 6
Tail strike 5
vacuoles 0
Reference values according to the latest WHO recommendations
microbiological tests
2 / § 2 Sperm plating. -
Enterococcus sp. - 5 * 10 4 cfu / ml
Penicillin - Ampicillin sensitive - sensitive
Gentamicin 120mkg - sensitive levofloxacin - Norfloxacin sensitive - sensitive
Nitrofurantoin - sensitive
europound, 1 декабря 2014: